About Us!!
Thank you for visiting my web site.  My name
is Dale Martoglio.  I got started in pigeons in
2003.  People like John Hadlock and Jerry
Bernard got me interested in the sports.  I
didn't have much luck in 2003, losing by 30
seconds to 1.5 minutes in a couple of races.  
Relocating has slowed my progress in the
last couple of years.  In 2004 I placed 3rd in
the 100 mile, old bird race, with a bird from
Bob Kinney in the Help a Beginner program.  
I sent birds to the auction race in Evansville,
IN and took 1st place.  Linda Joneli got in
touch with me for the help a beginner
program.  Charlie Klipsch was my mentor.  
Charlie and I have become good friends and
he still gives me advise when I need it.  I
have stocked my lofts with birds from John
Hadlock, Charlie Klipsch, Harold Lammons,
Mike Ganus, Mike Anderson, and John
Lucchese.  I have recently gotten married
and have settled in Dieterich, IL.  My wife,
Cathy, and step-daughter, Adrienne, also
help me with my pigeons.  We hope to
remain there for a while and hope to start on
the winning track.